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“Garsh, I’m an academical, so very steeped in literature. And that’s why I’ve never heard of anybody named Leigh Brackett or Catherine Moore or Andre Norton, or 75% of the Star Trek novelists, or Rebecca Meluch who lived right down the pike, or Elizabeth Moon. Yup, there weren’t any other women writing space opera or military sf, and never mind that Bujold read all these books growing up, and so did her readers.”

via Well, This Sounds Stupid. | Aliens in This World.

K, I giggled. :D  I do kind of wonder if the “perceived” is about stereotypes outside of folks who actually, y’know, have read science fiction– otherwise, who the heck is “acclaiming” the “science fiction scholar” that doesn’t even know how to do basic research?


4 thoughts on “Well, This Sounds Stupid. | Aliens in This World”

  1. I updated it to blame the university press, because sometimes scholars don’t get much say in the blurbs. It’s just possible that the actual book does list all the stuff going on, and shows that Bujold’s “uniqueness” as a woman writing space opera is a misconception.

    But yeah, the post-Star Wars/Trek times, like the late Seventies and early Eighties, were pretty good times for space opera. A lot of it hasn’t been reprinted and was never critically praised, so perhaps it is forgotten.

    1. *hehehehe*
      “We didn’t notice that the most popular authors were women, so THEY DIDN’T HAPPEN!”

      That sounds… very accurate. :D

  2. Oh, man. And I totally forgot C.J. Cherryh in my Eighties list, which was stupid. (I remembered those trashy Jo Clayton books first, mostly because I bounced off Cherryh sf books back in the Eighties and only got around to reading most of them in the Nineties.)

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