Media drops the ball on #HugoAwards / #SadPuppies – Breitbart

As you might expect, the most hysterical reporting came from the tabloid blog Gawker, which accused Torgersen’s campaign of being a “front” for “GamerGate’s misogynistic war on women”.  Gawker has been obsessed with the gamers’ movement ever since it cost them over a million dollars in advertising revenue. But if gamergate were really about misogyny (hint: it isn’t), then supporting Torgersen’s campaign, which included more than a dozen female nominees, would be a terrible way of going about it.

The only comparison that can be made between Torgersen’s campaign and GamerGate is in how the press reacted to it. Similarly to GamerGate, multiple press outlets were pushing a single opinion – that Torgersen’s campaign was racist, sexist, and reactionary. This bore a strong resemblance to the “Gamers are Dead” narrative that ran across multiple publications in August 2014. In both cases, anti-elite campaigns were smeared as bigoted and exclusionary, despite their diversity of support.

via Media drops the ball on #HugoAwards / #SadPuppies – Breitbart.


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