An Open Letter to Kraft

Less politely: What are they, INSANE?

On the Care and Feeding of Geeks

Dear Kraft:

I was very disturbed to read that you intend to change the recipe of your iconic Mac ‘n Cheese. Therefore I must regretfully inform you that, once you do, I will no longer be buying your product.

Let us be straight with one another. Pasta in a cheese sauce is not a complex item to make, and I am an excellent cook. I can make one pot mac ‘n cheese from scratch in only a little bit longer than it takes to make a box of Kraft dinner. I make spicy mac and cheese with spinach. I make welsh rabbit mac and cheese with mustard and Worchestershire and dark beer. I make fiesta mac and cheese loaded with pico de gallo. However, until today, your humble yet worthy box has always had a place in my pantry.

  • It is a easily obtainable comfort food. Many of my comfort…

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