Ebook Note (quote)

What we see from the graphs above is that all the reporting lately on the plateauing or decline in ebook adoption is certainly true for major publishers, whose numbers are being used as if they represent the broader market, but their daily unit sales are less than a third of the total market. Ebooks may be on the downward slope for them, but not for everyone else.

via May 2015 Author Earnings Report – Author Earnings.


3 thoughts on “Ebook Note (quote)”

  1. When I see the cost of some e-books compared to the paperback version, I wonder how they can sell any in the electronic format. My brother actually bought a copy of The Once and Future King for the Kindle which was more expensive than the paperback.

    Though, I find it difficult to resist the myriad of great classics which are free in e-book form. :)

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