Ebola Again

They are on top of it, at least.

Quasi Renaissance Man

Well, we knew it was possible.  Probable, even, that Liberia would have another Ebola case.

This week, Liberia detected two cases.  The first one died after showing symptoms of Ebola, and his family called a burial team.  In keeping with their protocols, the team took a cheek swab for testing.  It turned out to be positive.  News reports (I’m on vacation, so not on the ground) indicate that some 30+ people are being traced as contacts, and that number is likely to grow.  Given that it was detected in Margibi County, I suspect it came from Sierra Leone, but it’s possible the patient could have traveled to Guinea and back.

The second case was a contact of the deceased.  He apparently developed symptoms and subsequently tested positive.  According to what I’ve read, he’s in a reopened treatment unit.

So, bad news/good news.  The bad news is the country has more…

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2 thoughts on “Ebola Again”

  1. While it’s sad that someone died from it, the fact that the safe burial team detected the case is very encouraging. Safe burials and testing of all deceased persons had long been a weak link in the response.

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