Death Penalty by Electrocution: Escaped Convicts Is the Alternative | National Review Online

Lee John Knoch was serving life without parole for five counts of aggravated murder, including that of Robert Holliday. Knoch buried Holliday alive just days before Holliday was set to testify against Knoch in an earlier case, in which he was accused of torturing Holliday. On February 28, 2001, Knoch cut a hole in a fence and slithered out of Oregon’s Snake River Correctional Institution. Knoch was caught that March 2 after he entered a man’s house in Idaho and then was neutralized by its shovel-wielding owner.

via Death Penalty by Electrocution: Escaped Convicts Is the Alternative | National Review Online.

This is why I disagree with the last several popes on capital punishment:

life in prison is not sufficient to prevent them from killing again.


6 thoughts on “Death Penalty by Electrocution: Escaped Convicts Is the Alternative | National Review Online”

  1. It has been argued that the Death penalty doesn’t deter crime… It sure deters the piss out of recidivism by the recipients.
    It has been argued that the Death penalty is more expensive than a life sentence… Only because we have mandated multiple appeals and waiting periods before carrying out the sentence. People spending 30 years on death row is INSANE. Three appeals and unless you can PROVE new evidence, you’re headed for the gallows. If you confess, no appeal, and within 6 months, you’re dancing Danny Diever.
    It has been argued that the Death penalty is Cruel and unusual… HUH? Anything that an individual is legal to do (that includes killing someone in self defense) The state is also legal to do. If the dirtbag in question is of danger to re offend, it is and should be within the rights of the state to end him. Make no mistake, this is not “Punishment” and I don’t want him or her to suffer unnecessarily, (where unnecessarily means to suffer more pain than is needed, as long as the finality is he or she is dead, be it hanging, shooting in the back of the head, electrocution, gas, injection…)
    I don’t “punish” an animal for contracting rabies, I just shoot it in the most efficient way possible and bury it.
    We’ve recently had multiple escapes by murderers, who are likely to re offend, and where not sentenced to death because of the outlawing of the death penalty in the states involved. So far we’ve been lucky and while we’ve spent VAST amounts of time and treasure trying to recapture these wastes of human flesh, no one got killed by them.

    How do you explain to the parent of a child raped, or tortured, and or killed, that the escaped con who did it wasn’t sentenced to death, because we were concerned for his humanity and didn’t want to cause him pain?

    1. I’ve seen it described as societal self defense.

      I’d allow more than three appeals, but they’d have to involve actual new evidence or some sort of proof.

      Every time someone has tried to check out the cost of life in prison vs death penalty, they find that the “life in prison” costs don’t include the appeals that the lifers file because– surprise!– they don’t want to stay in prison any more than they want to be executed.

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