Greece and the West: What is the West?

Only comment, and I’ll quote first:
* Literally “one who is running amok.” English really needs to borrow this word.

Well, we technically have it, by nouning the verb and making amoker. Which I will not use because I’ve got small children and already learned my lesson with “frick.” (When a kid says it, it does NOT sound PG.)

Cat Rotator's Quarterly

A few weeks ago I was reading the Sunday Kleine Zeitung, the tabloid paper from the Kronen Zeitung in Austria. I was mostly interested in the enormous lede about a guy who went nuts and killed three people in Graz and injured 34 more (stabbed a few and drove over the rest. Yes, he was known to the police. Yes, he had a restraining order to keep him away from his wife, and yes, he told the police and others that he was being followed . . . by Turks. Europeans are not immune to mental illness.) I’d been in that part of Graz three days before the “Amoklaufer”* snapped. So I read all the news, skimmed the half of the paper detailing the upcoming Formula 1 race, and almost snorted tea when I saw the Sunday cartoon**. Then I stopped on a fascinating author interview.

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