Doc Rampage: science and the post-Christian trinity

It is frustrating that even though these theories were all specifically created to oppose Christianity and have such anti-Christian implications and have such horrific histories, that so many Christians still believe them. Too many Christians accept “science” as a pseudo-religious authority capable of enlightening us on things that science is wholly incapable of addressing. Science can tell you how the material world works. It can tell you: if you have this cause, then you will have this effect. It can tell you: if you want to get this effect, you can do it with this cause. But the methods of science are powerless against the Big Questions, and any scientific theory that claims to address one of the Big Questions should be taken with extreme skepticism.

via Doc Rampage: science and the post-Christian trinity.

Trying to be fair, it can be hard to separate evidence from the conclusions.

My two year old is standing there, covered with crumbs, and the cookie that I had on the table for his sister is gone– I’m likely to conclude that he took it and ate it.
Unless his dad tells me that the cat actually grabbed it, and the crumbs are from him grabbing the crumbs off the floor and rubbing them on his face. (….sadly, not that off the wall.)
Or his sisters came in, and gave him half.  (more happily, not off the wall)

Or I look closer, and find it’s not crumbs, it’s oatmeal.  And then I go looking for my oatmeal canister….


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