Should Obesity Be Considered a Form of Child Abuse? | Parenting

Should Obesity Be Considered a Form of Child Abuse? | Parenting.

Responding here, since it seems that my response triggered the spam-guard.  Taking the opportunity to add the links.

Obese does not equal ill,
obese does not equal eating poorly and sitting around,
obese equals BMI, which is a SCREENING MECHANISM. It’s designed to catch almost all people who have unhealthy weight, and do it quickly and easily; it doesn’t diagnose it.
When a study looked at the life expectancy of people by BMI, the researcher was shocked that she found being “overweight” was at least as healthy as being “normal,” and that being “underweight” was as dangerous as being “obese.”
And then there’s the other studies that have found obesity may be associated with being sick because sick people often gain a lot of weight, especially if the researchers neglect to correct for medications that cause weight gain, or lack of sleep.

I was heavy almost all of my life– while being a very active ranch kid who did more physical work than most adults; when I joined the Navy the first PRT in bootcamp I scored what would’ve been good for an 18 year old guy, and actually lost fitness while there (25 seconds off of my run is the only part I remember, it’s been nearly 15 years).
For most of my high school years I took only carrots to school as my lunch, ate no cookies, candy or other sweets, and I never drank soda; we didn’t have the money to eat takeout, and the meals at home were quite healthy. Maybe twice a year we’d go out for a big treat– a celebration, where we’d eat stuff that just tasted good.

I was still tormented at school as “fat,” and for a bonus got brow-beaten by oh so well meaning adults about how I just needed to stop eating so much junk food and exercise more. The only one who stopped was the one that watched me change a tire in driver’s ed and realized I was lifting it easier than he did, and he’s a foot taller than me. (it’s leverage, not brute strength, but you only figure out how to do that if you DO it)

I started taking a stupid B-complex “stress” vitamin supplement as an adult and suddenly the weight melts off, not fast enough to be terrifying but faster than I’ve ever seen, and with more energy.
Those are the ones that your body uses to convert food into energy
Apparently a lot of women have issues with getting enough, sort of like how people don’t get enough vitamin D; women use to get B12 shots, it seems.
The list of foods that are good sources of B12 reads like a “things we’re not supposed to eat because they’ll make you fat” collection.

I’ve also seen several public freak-outs about “fat cops” that, when I looked at pictures of the guys, were easily identifiable as either ancestral differences (dark Mexican, Irish or Samoan, usually, although there’s some German and American Indian groups) or what you get when someone is muscular but not cut.

“Fat” is one of those modern sins it’s acceptable to be nasty about, it seems– and the fanatics will *never* accept that their advice didn’t work, it’s always that you didn’t do it hard enough, or that you cheated. Even when it’s physically impossible to cheat, like in bootcamp.

For a fun addition: estrogen causes weight gain. Soy mimics estrogen. And there’s the problem of estrogen from hormonal birth control, which are stable enough to pass through sewage treatment unchanged. (Search for something like “birth control frogs estrogen” for more information.)

But nooooo, it’s gotta be child abuse. Burn those witches.


2 thoughts on “Should Obesity Be Considered a Form of Child Abuse? | Parenting”

  1. This is what I warned people about. Make health publicly financed and suddenly the public becomes interested in your health. (since we’re all paying for it now)

    Not to mention that it seems like without religions to argue and fight about, now we’re just fighting and arguing over health. I swear I’ve heard my uncle proselytize more his vegan lifestyle (and “organics”) than about his eastern orthodox faith.

    I mean, my parents concerned about my health? Annoying, but I get it. Everyone ELSE? Oh [censored] [censored] and then [censored] with a [censored] [censored] off. It darn near makes one want to kill themselves as a protest of “it’s MY body” and as a big middle finger to the rest.

    Until then, I’m going to do it with bacon. LOTS and LOTS of bacon!

  2. The scary thing is– this is PJ media. The ones that are supposedly on OUR side…

    The article should’ve bothered to do research, laid out the valid arguments– and then demolished them.

    Opening with a “heck no” might be overkill, but….

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