The Black Market Selling “Extra” Surrogate Babies

I can’t think of any words that aren’t quite harsh.

Aliens in This World

In India, there’s a big business peddling the wombs of surrogate mothers. Companies hire them, get them impregnated, and make them stay in dorms which are basically comfy prisons with good food and health care. (Which is a good deal, if you’re an extremely poor Indian woman, but still isn’t fair.)

The dark side of all test tube babies is that multiple eggs are fertilized with sperm. Many die, but many live. The surviving proto-babies are implanted in the mother’s or surrogate’s womb. In the US, “extra” babies that survive are often “reduced” inside the womb to “give the other baby a better chance to live;” although many parents are okay with having multiple babies at once. (Which is good, but of course they usually had already set things up to have a buttload of their own kids die in the Petri dish.) But there was a notorious case in…

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