The slippery slope of pedo-sympathy | Something Fishy

While in theory sympathy isn’t necessarily grease on the edge of a cliff, experience teaches us that practice is different than theory. Taking pedophilia off the list of “if anyone finds out you swing that way, your life is ruined” and moving it to “oh, it’s just one of many mental illnesses” is exactly the same path homosexual activists used to put themselves in a position to go around ruining people’s lives over the acquisition of artistically sugar-crusted baked goods. Do you really want to end up living in a world where not wanting a pedophile to babysit your children makes you the target of a mob of angry people on Twitter calling you a bigot, harassing your friends, family, and employer, and making death threats? Because that’s what happened last time.

Source: The slippery slope of pedo-sympathy | Something Fishy


2 thoughts on “The slippery slope of pedo-sympathy | Something Fishy”

  1. It’s tough. A good friend of mine learned that her son had been molested when her ex-husband and his wife caught him inappropriately touching his half brother. The boy was 12 or 13, iirc, the half brother 4 or 5. They did the hard thing, but I think the right thing, and called the police and got social services involved. He pled guilty and per the agreement was sentenced to a youth sex offender program. Now he’s grown, has never (to anyone’s knowledge) hurt a child again. He is gay, and I can’t help but wonder if that’s connected to his first sexual experiences being with a much older boy. Anyway my point is a lot of pedos start off as victims and I am really sympathetic to that. I do heartily believe they are accountable for choices they make as adults, I DO NOT think that a childhood abuse story should get them a not guilty verdict. But just the same, I went from a hard line, “hang the bastards” attitude to being much more sympathetic.

    1. A sensible response, if rough on folks, but I’m not aware of ANYONE promoting slaughter of those who are attracted to children, or for punishing 12 year olds like they’re adult predators.

      The Salon article is actively trying to re-cast sexual attraction to children in the same mold that homosexuality was fill-in-the-blank years ago.

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