How the Indiana Pizza Shop Responded After Being Tricked Into ‘Catering’ a Gay Wedding

Even then, Kevin would have had no problem serving the customer the pizzas even if he knew who he was. “We weren’t catering to their wedding,” Kevin said. “They were picking [pizzas] up.” Kevin has no problem with serving a person in his shop, whether or not that person identifies as gay.

Source: How the Indiana Pizza Shop Responded After Being Tricked Into ‘Catering’ a Gay Wedding

It’s sad that someone was so blinded by hate that he thought the little act would actually do anything– or expected others to be so blinded that they would.


4 thoughts on “How the Indiana Pizza Shop Responded After Being Tricked Into ‘Catering’ a Gay Wedding”

  1. Yeah, several of my ‘friends’ were up in arms over their refusal to cater a wedding. Most thought that showing up and serving/working/photographing at a function wasn’t ‘participating’ in the function, but apparently singing and playing music is. They also had no problems conscientiously objecting to having to provide service to a KKK rally or a NAMBLA convention (because those people are a**holes trying to keep someone from exercising their rights). They didn’t like it when I called them hypocrites either.

  2. It would be nice if they at least recognized that they want folks to be able to refuse to work for those who do morally unacceptable but legally tolerated things, wouldn’t it? It’d be a step towards figuring out what’s filling their moral acceptability slot.

    1. IMO there are two factors (inter-related) at work.

      1) They “care” so much about “what they believe is the Proper Behavior” that they can’t believe that any “Good” person would believe otherwise.

      2) Since these are “Bad” people (see above) they imagine so many “evil things” these “Bad” people would do if Government allows “Religious Exemptions” to various laws. On Baen’s Bar (in Truth vs Pravda), one of these types imagined some very stupid things religious people would do if they had “religious exceptions” to various Laws.

      1. Let me guess: as usual, all religions are utterly interchangeable, aren’t they? And THEN the failure to understand the idea of there being different levels of cooperation with evil, some of them formal, come into play….

        (I tell you, it’s depressing how much of the “thought provoking” scifi I watched when I was a kid falls to bits when you figure out that ONE CHARACTER having the faintest familiarity with classic Christian theology would’ve cut through 95% of the angsting and gone into actually thought, argument and counter-argument.)

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