Sunshine Award

I’m not going to tag anyone, but I will answer the questions.  (I’m terrible at that kind of pass-it-on stuff!)

My thanks to The Medieval Otaku.  In spite of his sometimes questionable taste in blogs, he’s got very good taste the rest of the time.

If someone would like to answer the same questions, though, please do– and drop a link in the comments, if you’d like.

My Questions

  1. Does any anime remind you of your favorite author’s books?

  2. Who is your favorite philosopher?

  3. What is your favorite anime?

  4. Why did you start blogging?

  5. What’s your favorite hobby?

1)  For me, the question would have to be “favorite authors’ books”– I don’t have just one.  Yes, they frequently do, and it goes both ways; Sword Art Online reminds me of both RA Salvator’s Drizzt and David Weber’s Sword God books, A Net of Dawn and Bones reminds me of Avatar:  The Last Airbender.  Usually it’s because I recognize similar philosophy– sometimes with the same aim, sometimes from the opposite direction.

2) G. K. Chesterton is probably my favorite philosopher, although I don’t know that he’d describe what he was doing as philosophy– the apostle of common sense has an eerie ability to be totally contemporary, although sometimes he’s a little heavy with alluding to the Nazis…and then you realize he died before World War II got started.  Any allusions to the Nazis are based on the existing philosophies that were flying around and caused them, not to them as a stand-in for inhuman evil.

3) Much like a favorite author, I don’t really have a favorite anime; I’ve got a soft spot for Inu Yasha fansubs, because of the massive amount of mythology.  I am in awe of SAO’s…something that just vibrates to my soul.  I like Slayers because it’s funny, my then-barely-a-friend-now-husband loaned me his copy, and because it helped me figure out exactly how different Christian philosophy is–started when I figured out that Lina Inverse was the first character I ever saw do actual magic– her signature spell involves pledging service of a demon lord for the power to make things go boom.  Notably, that service is basically blowing up anybody she’s aiming at.  Usually the stuff that is called magic in fiction is either technology, or more like psionic power, nothing to do with calling on supernatural forces to gain advantage.  Yes, I still like the series– I also like some of the old loony toons where people are shot in the face and no harm comes of it.  Yay, fiction.

4) Because I can’t shut up, but I’m not that good at actually talking.  I love to research things, and share the neat stuff I find, and play with ideas– but if I try to talk, my tongue gets tied up.

So I blog.  Started with commenting when I was in high school, turned into blogging later on.

5) My favorite hobby is “getting stuff to work.”  I sometimes have ideas, and then I try to make them work– I made a system to get snacks to the kids when we’re stuck in traffic that doesn’t involve a Chinese fire drill, I repair a lot of stuff around the house, I fiddle with ideas to try to figure out why they work.  (That last one is also why I love the Father Brown mysteries.)


4 thoughts on “Sunshine Award”

  1. I also have a fair amount of affection toward Inuyasha. Back in high school, I used to stay up late watching and recording the episodes on Adult Swim. Chesterton is fun to read–constantly surprising and very prescient. Though, sometimes, I wonder whether his friend, Hilaire Belloc, could see further into the future.

      1. You won’t be sighing when you read his works, I promise! xD His magnum opus is The Great Heresies, but you might find his Cautionary Tales a more amusing place to start.

      2. I jumped in with both feet to Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, but I had a lot more unoccupied brain power then.

        Thank you for the suggestion.

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