My Strange City Pregnancy

There are so few little kids on the streets in Washington, they seem to stand out a lot more. Whenever or if ever they make noise, it seems to cause more discomfort than elsewhere. Children’s very rarity causes them to become a spectacle, and Washington’s standoffish crowd don’t seem to know how to handle a screaming baby on the Metro, except to stare in disdain or look away in obvious discomfort.

Source: My Strange City Pregnancy

The other Washington, but there’s a lot to recognize.


3 thoughts on “My Strange City Pregnancy”

  1. It sort of depends where you are in the area. DC Proper, where all the hard-charging professionals are, is certainly, shall we say, skeptical of anythingone that gets in the way of career advancement and time out on the town. There are, however, enclaves scattered in the District and surrounds that value children. It’s definitely a strange place.

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