Comparing Syrian Refugees to Mary and Joseph is Ludicrous

it's only words

Yesterday, liberals on social media thought they’d come up with the perfect talking point on the Syrian refugee issue. It was a gift from God. Literally. Straight from the Bible.

It was so perfect that it would shut conservatives (especially those hypocritical Christian conservatives) up for good.  They would bow down and pay homage to their intellectual superiors on the left. Finally.

It started with @owillis.

owillis talking point

This, in many variations, was repeated all day on Twitter.

Now what story could he possible be referencing?  Clearly, the story of Mary and Joseph being turned away at the inn in Bethlehem. It’s seasonal. They were turned away from the inn. Perfect, right?

Not really. It actually breaks down pretty quickly on every level for anyone with even a passing familiarity with the story. Mary and Joseph weren’t “seeking refuge,” just a place to stay for the night. They had traveled to Bethlehem…

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5 thoughts on “Comparing Syrian Refugees to Mary and Joseph is Ludicrous”

  1. Yup, been seeing that one and that Christian conservatives are hypocrites because we apparently think of a fetus in the womb as human but not Syrian refugees. The stupidity is getting a little too deep

      1. It’s from DailyKos, so you know it has to be stupid.

        “If you think fertilized eggs are people but refugee kids aren’t, you’re going to have to stop pretending your concerns are religious”

  2. I really wish that I could claim it surprises me that the Daily Kos would publicly come out in support of classifying groups of humans as non-persons, but it doesn’t. I can’t even be surprised that they’d then decide to project that sin on others.

    1. And the people commenting are getting stupider/crazier: “If a Republican really wanted to show that they were honestly pro life instead of anti-choice now would be a great time. Why isn’t that happening?”

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