Reblog: One Child

“One child is enough for you, the rest you will discard.
It’s in our nation’s interest; this choice is not so hard.”
A parent’s pure delight is turned into a source of woe,
As they decide which child to keep and which they should let go.

Millions are torn to pieces while still in the womb,
Their tiny bodies adding to another smoky plume.
Many more are left to freeze upon a winter’s day,
Abandoned in the street as if they all can make their way.

Shafts of light come filtered through the roadside’s fragrant trees,
The smells of woks and pans at work, all carried by the breeze,
Piano music interrupted by a teacher’s scold,
None of this brings comfort to a little girl that’s cold.

Go read the rest.


Spoiler: It ends good.


2 thoughts on “Reblog: One Child”

  1. Hey, I came here (via Mad Genius Club) to see if you’d written that post about millennials -I was excited to read a piece about millennials from a person outside the mainstream media collective-; I did not expect to be brought to tears…but following that link and finishing that poem did just that. It’s a beautiful piece, but I lack a WordPress account, so I decided to comment here, instead, and to thank you for linking to such a wonderful post. God bless! :-)

    1. It’s about halfway done, as an attempt to give a “milleninial eye view”, and I’ll be sending it to Sarah.

      Glad someone’s interested!

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