The Various Orthodox Churches Don’t Have Saintly Giftbringers?

I love her first line. :D

Aliens in This World

Yep, it’s another edition of “Someone on the Internet is wrong.”

It’s always tempting for people in a subculture to either try to be more like, or less like, the dominant culture. It’s also tempting for them to make sweeping statements. So you get Irish-American Catholics saying that “Catholics don’t do such and such,” when really they mean “Irish-American Catholics, or at least the ones whom I know, don’t do such and such.” Sometimes it’s even tempting to say that “Such and such is against my religion,” when really it just conflicts with one’s own tastes and likes.

The primary giftbringers in Orthodox countries were St. Nicholas of Myra (especially in Russia and Eastern Europe before the Communists), St. Basil of Caesarea (in most parts of Greece and Asia under the rule of the Ottoman Empire), and the Baby Jesus (in various places in Eastern Europe). Russia also used to…

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