A Father’s Drunken, Armed Christmas Miracle |Blogs | NCRegister.com

Three hours of mayhem ensued. The hospital quickly contacted police, reportedly saying “we have a family member with a gun.” A SWAT team was called to break into the room. George wanted to give his son every second that he could so even as the SWAT team entered he held his son’s hand.

Insert miracle here. Just as the SWAT team entered, George felt his son squeeze his hand. Even as the police carted him away he kept telling anyone and everyone that his son had squeezed his hand. The SWAT team reportedly had their own doctor who plainly saw that the young man who had been declared brain dead was alive. George was making eye contact and responding to commands.

Source: A Father’s Drunken, Armed Christmas Miracle |Blogs | NCRegister.com

None of the medical professionals involved have been charged with attempted murder, even though they were preparing to harvest his organs and would have if his father hadn’t gotten drunk and taken over the hospital room.

But the son (he’s also a George, III) is recovered enough after just a year to bespeaking normally in the interview, walk along a hospital hallway under his own power in normal clothing, and is apparently running a business with his dad.


Holy frick, the SWAT DOCTOR could tell he was responsive?!?  Think about the specialties a SWAT doctor would have– contrast with what doctors who specialize in those who are in a coma.   And the guys whose entire job is focused on that specific…couldn’t tell something that was obvious to a guy whose job is to keep people alive when they’re suffering gross, immediate harm.


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