Where have all the heroes gone? – Amanda S. Green | According To Hoyt

Robin Munn | March 23, 2016 at 11:23 am | ReplyThere’s also the “climate of fear” effect. I once listened to a presentation by a former Muslim who had converted to Christianity, who talked about the climate of fear that ALL of his friends and family lived in. You went to the mosque because you wanted to be seen going to the mosque; if someone denounced you as a bad Muslim, you’d probably miss out on job promotions, opportunities to get good marriages for your children…Think about the “nobody wants to be the first to stop clapping for Stalin” effect that Solzhenitsyn described and you’ll have the right idea. Or remember bin Laden’s speech about “When people see a weak horse and a strong horse, they will bet on the strong horse”? Same thing. The moderate Muslims who just want to be left alone are backing the radical jihadists right now because it’s completely obvious to them that that’s their only chance to survive. And every time we fail to support anti-radicals, every time a politician gets up on stage and apologizes for Israel’s existence or for the Crusades or for America’s alleged bigotry against Islam, the moderate Muslims hear us telling them, “We’re NEVER going to have your back against the radicals.” And we drive them even further into the radical camp.

Source: Where have all the heroes gone? – Amanda S. Green | According To Hoyt


Sad but true.


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