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I’ve seen it said by a lot of blog commenters and bloggers that Trump is an alpha male, and as such he appeals to women. I’ve long been puzzled by this “alpha male” designation, because it seems to me that Trump has little in common with actual alpha males. They don’t boast and tell you how great they are and how much everyone likes them and how much money they make, or lie to make themselves sound bigger and better. Those are fake alpha males. No one who really is like that needs to brag about it.

Alpha male examples: the characters John Wayne played. Reagan. Washington. Eisenhower. Many in the military. That guy who was instrumental in stopping the French train terrorist attack recently, for example.

Fake alpha males: Charlie Sheen. Donald Trump. Most of the guys on those “I’ve got game” blogs (I forget the names of the blogs, but I’ve read a number of them on occasion).

I had written all of the above before I saw this article at American Thinker, which says essentially the same thing—including another thought I had recently (after Trump’s targeting of Heidi Cruz’s looks), which was that “Trump fights like a girl.”

Source: neo-neocon » Blog Archive » Trump’s women problem—and Cruz’s?

He does.

The same kind of girl that the fake-alpha males appeal to, who are going to be a larger part of the dating pool due to not being selected out (getting married) and thus are going to be very disproportionately represented in the experience of the people who use “alpha male” to mean folks she puts under “fake alpha males.”

I happen to agree with her– the fake alphas think they’re the same, though. :(


2 thoughts on “neo-neocon » Blog Archive » Trump’s women problem—and Cruz’s?”

    1. This morning’s new “accuse women who support Cruz of sleeping with him” tactic really doesn’t hurt her theory, either.

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