Lileks: Doing the walking, texting two-step –

The hatred of walking and texting is based on our derision of others. You should be engaged with our surroundings! Savor the vitality! Nod to fellow citizens, make eye contact! Well, downtown, eye contact often leads to someone saying, “Excuse me, sir, may I ask you a question?” And you say yeah, thinking he’s going to ask for money, and he says, “What was the proximate cause of the Hundred Years War? I understand that religious differences had gripped a divided Europe, but surely the dislocation caused by economic advances in farming was a contributing factor.”

“Don’t underestimate the strains on the feudal system,” you say. And he says, “Of course, the rise of the guilds has to be considered. Say, you got a dollar?” That doesn’t happen when you’re texting. You exude a force field: Whoa, don’t mess with that one. He’s typing.

Source: Lileks: Doing the walking, texting two-step –


2 thoughts on “Lileks: Doing the walking, texting two-step –”

  1. I don’t think it should be banned, but as an actual city dweller, that is extraordinarily dangerous.

    How about this for a solution: “if you’re texting and get into an accident, we presume it’s your fault, unless other compelling evidence presents itself (like, the car was on the sidewalk)”?

    1. The presumption should be “no fault” unless there’s evidence of something outrageous being done– and walking while doing something else doesn’t hit that high.

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