All You Need To Know About The Chris Kyle Thing

According to Kyle’s DD214 he was awarded two Silver Stars and six Bronze Stars with valor.

Source: Navy Records Reveal Chris Kyle “American Sniper” Exaggerated His Military Record | American Military News

That is exactly what he claimed.

*Mic drop*

(For context, not a single one of the awards I was given did I get in any sort of ceremony– no, they weren’t THAT level, but this is bull fecal matter.)


7 thoughts on “All You Need To Know About The Chris Kyle Thing”

  1. Wait… I’m not following. The link claims he received only 1 and 3.

    I’m so confused. I guess “received” and “awarded” are not interchangeable terms in military minds? I do not understand the link at all. Help for military loving muggles?

      1. Ok so what’s going on in the article? I read the comments and several people mentioned their DD12 (I think) were inaccurate to awarded medals.

        I guess I’m trying to figure out where is the article getting anything! Anywhere other than “from our ass”?

  2. DD214s are frequently inaccurate– by missing medals. Not adding them.

    They got it from anonymous sources and unshared documents. :D

      1. It could be his transfer paperwork, for all I know– a couple of the awards I got didn’t make it to me until I’d transferred.
        It’s on the service member to check the DD214 has all the stuff it’s supposed to.

  3. Wasn’t there just a ‘controversy’ about one of the guys from “We Were Soldiers” because his DD214 showed only a couple of the claimed amount of medals? Now we have a controversy because the DD214 shows more? What I’m getting from this is that the military really, really sucks at record keeping.

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