Women and Socialism | Gates of Vienna

To see the welfare state as a creation of women’s suffrage beginning in the 1920s is to miss the larger picture. Men created the ideological systems known as Socialism, Communism, and Progressivism. Men built the first bureaucratic structures that administered the early welfare state. And men advocated for giving women the vote.

Among the men who pushed for female suffrage there were undoubtedly ambitious Socialists who wanted to tap all that estrogen-driven empathy in a cynical move to put themselves in power. Men cynically exploited the female vote, and they are still cynically exploiting it today. When exploited, the votes of women tend to put Socialists in power and help keep them there. So Socialists — most of them men — design their strategies and propaganda with an eye on female voters.

It’s not only factually wrong to blame women for the welfare state, it’s counterproductive. It won’t get us (men, I mean) anywhere to point fingers at the fair sex and thus further inflame the Gender Wars.

Men and women got themselves into this mess together. And — given that it’s no longer possible to take the franchise away from women — the only way to get ourselves out of it is for men and women to work together.

Source: Women and Socialism | Gates of Vienna


5 thoughts on “Women and Socialism | Gates of Vienna”

  1. I always find it interesting that no one labels themselves as specifically seeking the male vote. It’s almost like they want to split people up into little boxes.

    1. I figure it’s because they respect men too much for that.

      Women, sure, we’re all interchangeable little widgets– but guys? Y’all have free choice. -.-

      That what they call “women’s issues” tends to be exactly the same issues that caddish men support is Not Commented On. (Abortion on demand? Um… ask the first-wave feminists about that. Bring something to put out the fire they breath….)

  2. *laughing* I wonder what fits of apoplexy these people would have if they asked Rhys and myself which vote we’d go for, and I’d say “Whichever one he’s going for, because we agree on the issues.”

    Probably bitch that I don’t have a brain of my own, the bloody hypocritical misogynists.

  3. It’s amazing how when Elf votes by what I say, it’s just sensible, but when I vote by waht he says, it’s abuse, innit?

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