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He called Ted Cruz a liar every day and in every way for months (it used to be considered a breach in decorum to straight up call an opponent a liar, never mind use it as a nickname). The insults against his wife, the cavalier birtherism, the disgusting JFK assassination theories about his Dad: These things are known. And yet the big conversation of the day is Ted Cruz’s un-sportsmanlike behavior? For real? But forget Cruz for a moment. For over a year, Trump has degraded politics in some of the most vile ways. His respect for the Republican Party as the home of conservatism is on par with Napoleon’s respect for churches when he converted them into stables.

But that’s okay because he’s Trump. He’s a “winner.” And now that he’s the nominee, the Smart Set and the Mob is telling me that Cruz is the outrageous violator of norms and good manners. Let’s all look down our noses at the sore loser everybody, as we bend the knee and make every apology possible for the sorest, most ungracious, winner in American history.

Source: I Choose Ted | National Review

I can’t listen to speeches, so I didn’t listen to it live.

I did listen to multiple radio shows… and news segments…. and they all had a strange thing in common.

They all claimed Cruz was booed off stage, while playing really obvious cheering.  I’ll believe there were some people booing, since the New York delegation had a their little chant going earlier– but that was not what comes to mind when I hear “booed off stage.”


12 thoughts on “I Choose Ted | National Review”

    1. Opens up with an at best misleading claim:
      Trump knew what to expect because Cruz gave him the prepared speech.

      It also presumes the conclusion– Cruz has a rather lot of supporters. Not because he’s such a lovely glad-hander, or personal charm, but because he’s got principles.

      He gave the guy who attacked his wife, his father and his marriage the only sort of endorsement that MIGHT persuade his supporters to hold their noses and vote Trump….
      And Trump supporters declare that choosing depending on who you think will do the best job of protecting the constitution means that one CANNOT vote Trump.

      That’s a lot more damning than anything Cruz could have possibly done.

      1. Perhaps you should watch the video yourself. Nothing ever seems cut and dried to me, watching. But it seems like everyone sees what they want to see.

        LOL Principles! I don’t think so. Can’t think of any politician with them, offhand. Maybe Ron Paul, though I hesitate to call him a politician.

      2. My interpretation? More observation, I’m not sure any conclusions can be drawn. Everyone was hesitantly supportive at first. Light cheering and clapping when he mentioned freedom. He didn’t seem invested, could have been reading mother goose.
        People started to grow impatient. Though many continued to applaud his buzzwords, some started to chant for Trump over him. Some booing at his reaction to the chanting, which grew as he seemed to run out of steam. Trump walked in and some cheering erupted in that direction. Cruz left.

      3. When you assume everyone involved is, in effect, a lying cheat— yeah, that’s an interpretation.

        That is about the only situation where Trump could be considered to have any sort of moral character, since he’s open about it.

        I’m not allowed, by my religion, to assume malicious intent of everyone just because they’re in politics.

        Though many continued to applaud his buzzwords, some started to chant for Trump over him.

        Already acknowledged to 1) be a set-up, and 2) be the people who never liked anybody but Trump anyways.

        If Trump didn’t organize a “spontaneous” response like that in his supporters, he’s a failure at his whole shtick.

      4. “yeah, that’s an interpretation.”
        I guess, JMO from past observation. MY opinion of the population in general is only slightly better, for the same reason.
        In person, everyone gets the BOTD.

        I didn’t think any of it was clear enough to support any of the narratives that arose from it. It hardly ever is.
        I agree Trump played him. That much was pretty clear.

      5. Tried to, anyways.
        I don’t think Trump understands the folks he’s trying to play. (which would tie in with some of his missteps where he said things that fit the Dem/elite parody of the base, but are nonsense)

      6. Definitely feeling his way. He’s pretty good at it, though. He’s also good with triggering kaninvolk.
        I never gave him 5 minutes until he ran. I do think he’s the best chance for “not hillary” that we have. Above all 16 others.

      7. “I do think he’s the best chance for “not hillary” that we have.”

        That’s like endorsing Beelzebub because he’s not Lucifer. I don’t want to be in hell, no matter which iteration it takes.

      8. “I don’t want to be in hell” Well that’s a personal choice. ;o) I see him as a salesman not a pol. Different category.
        Of course, if it’s snake oil…

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