Jack Chick Died

Yes, the guy behind those really horrible, so wrong they’re funny comic book style pamphlets.

Yes, he was very wrong.

Praying for him; Jimmy Akin  has the few details available, and is re-running one of his articles on the guy.


4 thoughts on “Jack Chick Died”

  1. Y’know, I kinda forgot what was for him the only ‘saved’ group. I don’t think it was Catholics; but some other subgroup of Christian.

    The comics I’d only ever run into were those distributed by that chemistry teacher of mine who claimed he was a 7th Day Adventist or Church of the Latter Day Saints; but I have my doubts about that since he seemed very intent on building a cult based around worship of him.

      1. Yeah, I know Catholics were condemned as idolaters to a level that even I, pagan as I was at that point, sneered. The first ones I got were given to me by a schoolmate who thought they’d hold some value because the art wasn’t too horrid. I leafed through them, decided -loudly- that they were bullshit, and chucked them into the bin; in full view of the person who originally had given them away (the teacher.) I only found out after the deed had been done that he was the one who gave them out – as if the poisonous glare he gave me didn’t give that away.

  2. For perspective, perhaps. I’m most definitely firmly in the Protestant camp – and Jack Chick’s pamphlets and the theology they taught were both repugnant.

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