The Gift of a Slow Tongue

I grumble about treppenwitz, but it’s probably really a blessing.  Especially for those of us who are over-fond of using a good barb when we think of it.

It would not make anything better for me to actually say “yes, we’re still working on the kids’ manners.  They haven’t realized that they’re supposed to be polite to rude people.”

Nor would it be good for me to say “Baron, don’t do that.  Just because someone is old and slow and shoved past you doesn’t mean that it’s OK for you to shove past them, even if they did park so they’re blocking the entire isle.”

Nor is loudly explaining that it’s bad manners to comment on other folks’ bad manners…OK, not slow enough to have escaped that one, but it was actually sincere rather than pass-aggressive….

My goodness, so much of the folks radiating the “won’t you control your children” vibe would be so much happier if they would realize their telepathy isn’t working on the back of the kid’s head, and they should try speaking.  A traditional start is “excuse me, can I get by?”  Shockingly, people under four-six can understand that.

The kids weren’t listening very well today, but about half an hour later I realized that they were behaving a lot better than, say, the guy who wanted to turn his motorized cart into the isle we were in but couldn’t be bothered to indicate it in any way, and then commented about how we really needed one more.  I gave a polite laugh on the off chance it was meant well, which is probably the right thing, but oy.

Most of the people at the store got smiles out of the Royalty, and I got some new LEDs for nightlights.  All in all, a good day.


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