DarwinCatholic: The Prize

 Indeed, at times I think that one of the reasons that the blog history in our sidebar shows fewer posts with each passing year is that as I get to now more people more deeply, there are fewer and fewer topics on which I feel comfortable sounding off quickly.  And that’s the online world, in which I give myself relatively free reign. At work, I obey a nearly absolute policy of never discussing politics or religion unless directly asked, and sometimes not even then. (I also make it a point not to be connected with anyone from work on Facebook.) Not that this means there’s no friction. You don’t get to have six kids (I haven’t even told coworkers about the one on the way yet) without becoming a walking punchline. But there’s only so much one can cover up in order to remain marginally acceptable in a hostile world.

Source: DarwinCatholic: The Prize

Very much this.

It’s amazing how people who are horrified if you suggest some modification in behavior to avoid a deadly disease, but see no problem in mocking the mere existence of more children than they,themselves, prefer.


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