Direct Action

For those in Washington state:

it's only words

My friend, Todd Herman, is calling for direct action against the criminal enterprise otherwise known as Sound Transit and the fraudulent way they are valuing cars in order to extort more taxes from district residents. He outlined his plan on his show Tuesday.

Here’s the plan, in his own words.

What I envision is gathering enough evidence to get some sense of the magnitude of the fraud and then creating an easy, step by step way for individuals to files cases with ethics boards, city attorneys, professional boards, courts and even criminally. Make all of them contain the name Peter Rogoff1. Make Sound Transit spend their lives answering these instead of letting them simply order Sideshow Bob to find them guilty but innocent like he did earlier2. So, metaphorical death by a thousand cuts.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Go here, click “Renew your…

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3 thoughts on “Direct Action”

  1. fortunately (for me) it’s not even all of WA. Just the area that was stupid enough to vote for the Sound Transit bullshit. I would be a little more sympathetic if the Enviroholyer than thou (totally a word) bastards on that side of the water weren’t quite so easy to despise.

  2. Image on the bottom left shows that Tacoma voted against it, in some cases overwhelmingly, except for that tiny little tightly packed area– there’s even an area of Renton that rejected by more than 70%.

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