The Real “Anti-Science” | Wesley J. Smith | First Things

Nye has been a prime example of this across a wide swath of public controversies, from climate change to abortion. With regard to the latter, Nye infamously appeared in a YouTube video promoting abortion rights in which he contended that pro-lifers lack a proper “scientific understanding” of “the facts.” But in fact he is the one who seems to be confused: Nye proclaims that “fertilized eggs are not human”—even though an egg, once fertilized, ceases to exist as the one-celled embryo called the zygote comes into being. He continues that the sperm joining the ovum “is not all you need. You have to attach to the uterine wall, the inside of a womb, a woman’s womb.” It could be argued that implantation is the point at which a woman becomes pregnant. But that doesn’t have anything to do with the biological nature of the embryo itself. Besides, embryology textbooks—real science—tell us that a new organism or, to put it another way, a human being comes into existence once fertilization has been completed.

More to the point, science can only tell us the biological nature of the entity destroyed in an abortion; it cannot tell us whether the destruction is right or wrong.

Source: The Real “Anti-Science” | Wesley J. Smith | First Things


7 thoughts on “The Real “Anti-Science” | Wesley J. Smith | First Things”

  1. Nailed it.

    Alive? Check. Unique genome? check. DNA of said genome = H. Sap. Sap.? Check. So SCIENCE says that the organism growing and developing within any woman’s womb is an individual member of the human species.

    Science is silent on whether any living member of h. Sap. Sap. is a person to whom rights and duties apply: that’s a question for philosophy/theology and politics.

    Bill Nye: Ultra-maroon.

      1. Pro-aborts can’t handle the truth. They HAVE to dehumanise the embryo in order to make the murder acceptable in their heads. The very fact that they despise ultrasounds and prebirth baby pictures highlights that they don’t want to face reality.

    1. I never had the respect for him that a lot of people do, largely because anyone can be the host of a show with a promotional billing. That does not necessarily make them experts.

      Of course I wonder now how politically correct medical schools and biology lessons have become.

      1. I remember him fondly because he was really good at being informative in a useful way– I don’t give him any extra weight outside of that because, well, science doesn’t work that way. :D

        The latter has me SCARED, though.

      2. I let the kids watch science of stupid – it has the interesting side effect of teaching my kids ‘that is a very bad idea and that can get you killed.’ Then Vincent saw the host in an episode of that car show and recognized him. So I explained that they are TV hosts and not actual experts. They are there to make the show fun and understood.

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