Hiroshima Survivors – The American Catholic

When the atom bombs were dropped and news began to circulate that “Operation Olympic” would not, after all, be necessary, when we learned to our astonishment that we would not be obliged in a few months to rush up the beaches near Tokyo assault-firing while being machine-gunned, mortared, and shelled, for all the practiced phlegm of our tough facades we broke down and cried with relief and joy. We were going to live. We were going to grow to adulthood after all. The killing was all going to be over, and peace was actually going to be the state of things.

Source: Hiroshima Survivors – The American Catholic

Blast from the past.


2 thoughts on “Hiroshima Survivors – The American Catholic”

  1. I tend to get upset when people start spouting off about how horrible the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were. That so many civilians were killed. There were a couple of hundred thousand casualties from the atomic bombs there. And it stopped the war. US casualties alone for the invasion of Japan were in the one to two million range. Add in Japanese casualties of likely three times that, and for every person who was wounded or killed by the atomic bombs another 20 were saved. That’s an acceptable loss to me, especially when it’s the enemy that doing the dying rather than my relatives.

    1. That’s also ignoring that the Japanese policy was basically that anybody not killed in combat needed to suicide– and that combat included teenage girls given anything sharp that was around and pointed at the nearest squad of machine-gun armed Marines.
      (There are some horrific but happy ending narratives of the Marines who RISKED THEIR LIVES to not kill screaming girls with sharp objects, and the girls survived…the Marines then had to make sure they weren’t killed as dishonored, but they kind of expected that from the whole “go suicide on a batch of Marines” thing.)

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