Men With BRCA Mutations Have Much Higher Risk of Cancer


Source: Men With BRCA Mutations Have Much Higher Risk of Cancer

Really something you have to read through, if you don’t already know it.

My aunt has a BRCA mutation, so did my grandmother (didn’t have the cancer).

My mom has diagnosed a few months after I joined the Navy; she is a survivor, no return…yet.

DNA testing was a thing when she was diagnosed, so when her only sister was diagnosed (prayers, please) and was found to have the gene…we all figured we had it.

Because of a research opportunity based on basically her doctor having an in with a doctor who had an in with a research guy, we found out that mom does not have the gene, so her daughters don’t, either.

(…because I have a feeling it will be assumed if nothing is stated: mom was before a lot of improvements, but my aunt’s treatment deteriorated under Obamacare.  While she watched those who didn’t pay for their care getting not just better care than her, but frequently improving care…as long as they could game the system)


and I funked it up again, h/t NeoNeo.

Author: Foxfier

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