Comment Reposted Without Further Comment

Well he finally put up 2 blog posts on the subject.

This one is just full of rank dishonesty.
I mean, in this bit:

That right wing culture warriors are treating his outburst as some sort of persecution against the Church and refusing to forgive it is both a refusal of Jesus’ command in the matter of forgiving 70X7 and yet another sign that the culture war perverts the gospel.

That bolded part? A link to a google search of [“Wil Wheaton” insults christians]. Just… HOW does he expect to find incidents of forgiveness when he expressly doesn’t search for it?

The he goes back to the well with:

All I suggest–demand, actually–is that the NRA-occupied Congress stop it’s 21-year war on information and knowledge about out gun violence plague and authorize the CDC to do the study that these lackeys of arms industry human sacrifice have forbidden since 1996.
. . .
So, let the CDC do the study the “thoughts and prayers” GOP slaves of the NRA forbid.

Wow, look at all those non-existent studies. Ironic for someone that loves to shout “liar” in his combox whenever someone disagrees. I could probably do a whole TAC guest post on the many flaws in Shea’s posts. How this man has anybody believe a word he says is a mystery for the ages.



21 thoughts on “Comment Reposted Without Further Comment”

  1. I think the Left is getting touchy. The shooting in Las Vegas and this church shooting were cases where people thought to be inclined to vote Trump were targeted. There was another church shooting in Tennessee which was not given coverage by the media (one death, six wounded), and we can’t forget the shooting of a Republican politician in Washington D.C. All this is on top of frequent violence from Left wing extremists at political rallies. Instead of focusing on the violence coming in many cases from their extremists, the Left is looking to ban guns. My brother sarcastically commented that maybe the solution is banning Democrats from owning guns.

    And, in any case, civilian gun ownership is peripheral to any mass shooting: these people tend to be mentally ill. In the recent case, the killer should not have legally been able to obtain a firearm, but his criminal record was not added to a certain database. (Some people in the Air Force messed up.) Even were we to ban guns, the mentally ill would use other means–perhaps a homemade bomb, which could cause more casualties. Speaking of mental illness, 22,000 of the 33,000 gun deaths a year are suicides. Most of the rest result from gang violence in the inner city or from the drug trade along the border.

    So, there is no need to punish people like the NRA instructor who ended the recent shooting spree for the actions of insane murderers.

  2. Bounced around the net yesterday and was actually wondering how the hell did this guy’s insane past NOT get him banned from owning firearms. Apparently he wasn’t just DD-ed or whatever the other one was, for his assaults on his wife and the children, he was also a mental hospital escapee AND had been caught trying to smuggle arms onto base, to carry out death threats he had made to his chain of command.

      1. Hell, after everything that this guy did that should have stopped him from getting guns, I’m borderline on being convinced that he was profiled, and then nurtured to become a mass shooting incident. There’s just NO EFFING WAY that those multiple flags should have been ignored unless helped. I’m hearing from friends who live over there (and aren’t part of the MGC/ATH/MHN circles, and they’re frankly disbelieving at how much this guy ‘passed’ – when, for example one of them is citing that he gets put through the wringer just for being born in the Philippines, but now is a US citizen, whenever he applies for a gun license /buy another gun.

      2. The real question is how would we ever figure it out or prove it?

        Of course right now I’d settle for getting the Las Vegas shooter straightened out. That one is just WEIRD. Like… straight out of a movie plot weird.

      3. Best theory I’ve heard of was that he was an unhappy gambler, and the whole idea was to kill himself in a way that also hurt Vegas.

    1. Fast and Furious is why I started thinking in this direction actually.

      If they were capable of that, they are capable of this. I know it sounds so completely conspiracy theory insane, but after F&F… I started wondering how many of these ‘incidents’ aren’t truly random.

      Further, it’s too strange to me that so quickly after the Vegas shooter, we have another whose info and background was so easily obtained. The Vegas shooter was said to also have leftist leanings, and even if he didn’t, the fact that he targeted a venue / event that tends to have a high chance of a certain demographic to show up has lots of people jumpy. That a church was targeted next… I can’t blame people for being paranoid. And for others to be suspicious.

      It makes me wonder, these are the ones we’re hearing about. What about cybercrime that targets the same demographic?

  3. I know a couple of the folks I follow have pointed at less-than-three-dead attacks on churches recently that never hit the news, because– hey, not a “mass shooting,” the attacker was killed first.

    1. Our church has concealed carry members forming a security detail that rotates around.

      I guess Shea just wants those guys to issue strongly worded letters to attackers.

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