Too Far

via Instapundit:

Recently I saw a friend—a man—pilloried on Facebook for asking if #metoo is going too far. “No,” said his female interlocutors. “Women have endured far too many years of harassment, humiliation, and injustice. We’ll tell you when it’s gone too far.” But I’m part of that “we,” and I say it is going too far.


But we won’t count, to the hysterical.


5 thoughts on “Too Far”

  1. It doesn’t matter how the man felt about it. The onus to understand the interaction and its emotional subtleties falls entirely on him. But why?

    Why? Because for the last several decades we’ve been forced into mandatory sexual harassment training that says, explicitly, that it matters not what he said or did, only what she perceived it as.


    1. And that she doesn’t even have to be involved.

      Note, though, that a female who is the target of sexual harassment by another female is not given the same sort of benefits.

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