I wonder what the suicide rate is

Worse, there are a lot more that happen that you never hear about, and not just babies, either. There are also elderly people, handicapped people, and people whose course of treatment is too expensive and/or too difficult and who are quietly condemned to death by bureaucracy.

The reason you don’t hear about them is that most people either don’t realize what happened or are bullied into agreeing that it’s the only solution. One of the creepiest lines in the linked article is the hospital saying that most of the time they get the parents to agree.

Imagine it: your job is probably called something like “guardian liaison.”

And among your jobs, is getting parents to agree that their kid, or their mom, or their injured spouse, doesn’t need food, doesn’t need water, doesn’t need air.

I cannot even imagine the personal abuse and suicide rate that likely go with that.


7 thoughts on “I wonder what the suicide rate is”

  1. Uffda! That is sickening. And the linked article in Sarah’s piece about using aborted/miscarried babies as fuel for the heating plant is absolutely abhorrent. Soylent Green can’t be far behind over there.

    1. There are sparks of hope– one of a lady’s twins was saved, because someone “accidentally” left a pair of snips on the scale and added a third to her weight.

  2. That’s what’s so frustrating when you read something like this written by Mark Shea. That they so buy into the idea that government will ALWAYS take care of people, that bills never come due, that resources are never limited, that hard choices never have to be made. Somewhere Charlie Gard’s ghost is screaming.

    Not that everything is flawless in our current system, but you have the freedom to fight for survival.

    1. *headache*

      So they approved her for brain surgery, for a procedure that is KNOWN to work, and she is making a video saying “screw you” because she wants an experimental surgery that MIGHT work but is less invasive. And gosh, they found one doctor who KNOWS NOTHING OF HER CASE but says it would work!

      Apparently, she doesn’t really want to get better that much.

      (And after multiple c-sections, no, I am not vulnerable to attempted guilt-tripping about how scary a surgery can be.)

  3. Just got home from a friends house. Her youngest daughter is one of my daughter’s best friends. When she was an infant she would have been killed, sorry, “refused care” by these people because she was “too high risk”. The girl is 13 now, and a delight.

    Her uncle just got back from Belgium. He was headed toward hospice care for his kidney issues. Here in the U.S. he’s getting treatment, dialysis and is back to being a productive citizen (PhD in a very rarified scientific specialty). His daughter had consistent headaches. Her “treatment” in Belgium from the “free” socialized heathcare system was “free” aspirin. Here in the U.S. they discovered she has polycystic kidney disease. She’s getting treatment, now too.

    How many good people are they killing?

    Who will tell their stories?

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