Foolish Demands

If you’re trying to hear Catholic Answers Live and your local station is Relevant Radio/Immaculate Heart Radio, you’re out of luck.

They tried to get exclusive rights to the show as a requirement to broadcast it.

Well, I’m not donating to Relevant Radio anymore.’s statement is here; quote:

In 2017, Relevant Radio merged with the West Coast-based Immaculate Heart Radio, a network that had carried the two-hour call-in show live 3-5 p.m. Pacific Time. Catholic Answers, which for twenty years has produced the popular franchise, could not come to an agreement with Relevant Radio, who approached Catholic Answers seeking exclusive broadcast and branding rights for Catholic Answers Live as conditions for continuing to air the show.


5 thoughts on “Foolish Demands”

    1. Oh, they’ve got lots of other outlets– every EWTN branded station, for starters– but it’s like… it’s like if someone tried to tell Rush that they would carry his show, BUT he had to only have it on their (west coast only) stations, AND he had to sign over all the promo rights to them.

      1. They’re also the only orthodox Catholic apologetics group I know that can actually produce their own magazine, consistently. And it’s good, too.

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