By the by, part of why I’m not blogging much:

Hail the Chief


12 thoughts on “By the by, part of why I’m not blogging much:”

  1. That is completely adorable. You are blessed.

    You might want to not post pix of your little s like this. Feel free to contact me off-blog for the details. I’m sorry to be a Debbie Downer but we had a workshop with a police officer who does undercover work on social media safety for your kids.

    1. Thank you for the heads up– hub’s work has similar stuff, and even the military gets in. Did the scrubbing of meta-data, use nicknames that they have never heard, and don’t post any pictures past “they’re a baby” size. And he’s not even at our house, for added fun… but I will contact, in case there’s something I need to add.

      1. Oh man. It’s not that.

        I’m sorry to bring the ugliness to this place. But I learned the hard way, even doing that, the pictures of your baby with clothes on will show up with maybe 20 hits tops: family and friends. The one without will have 500. So I yanked nearly all of them and wanted to puke.

  2. Eh, that’s as likely to be machines as anything else– an algorithm can’t tell “a human face” from “horizontal brick, vertical brick, horizontal brick”, to use an example from my facial recognition photo grouping program.

    They can probably detect “vaguely human shape, most of torso is same color as face,” though.

    1. Heh, nah– I can’t divide what I think because I’m a mom, and what I think just because I’m me. There’s no sense of division, in contrast with the vast majority of what I think because Reason, and the one or two things that I just know and can’t dislodge with logic.

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