Bob Munden Video(s)

Some cool videos of a famous, modern quick-shot.

A Song of Joy by Caroline Furlong

I cannot remember when I first found Bob Munden. But I do remember being astounded that there was anyone who could shoot that fast these days using the weapons of the Old West. I thought it was a lost art which only a few people practiced in their own backyards. Watching Bob Munden perform via youtube cured me of that misconception very quickly.

Mr. Munden died some time ago, but we still have these videos to remember him by, for which I am thankful. I only wish I could have seen him shoot in person instead of through the internet.

Enjoy the videos, everybody!

Stan Lee’s Superhumans

Bob Munden vs. Soda Bottles

Bob Munden – Cowboy Firepower

Bob Munden – Outrageous Shooting DVD Trailer

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4 thoughts on “Bob Munden Video(s)”

      1. The show on trick-shooting came on before the home defense (mostly tactics, actual skill just has to be basic to work) show, and I think it was usually after the traditional horse stuff.

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