Cold Brew Coffee, An Easy System

This stuff is good, but be careful with it!

I practically lived off of coffee for several years, I still drink “too much” of it, and when I made cold-brew I gave myself the shakes from the caffeine. Twice, the second time being when I was taking pains to remember it is strong…..

On the Care and Feeding of Geeks

My dad is very fond of telling us about one of his professors who kept a cold coffee extract apparatus in a hood in his lab. It was some sort of glassware circulation system hooked up to a pump and every x period of time he would load up a pound of coffee and circulate a fairly large quantity of water through it for 24 hours. And at his 8am classes he had coffee for his students. 10ml of cold coffee extract concentrate to 90ml of hot water.

This would never, ever fly these days, but my dad remembers and rhapsodizes over this coffee almost fifty years later.

I iced coffee, but it’s never been a convenient thing to make myself. Hot brew goes stale quickly. Cold brew could be stored longer but was messy and inconvenient to make.

Until now. Now I have a system.

This extract is pretty…

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3 thoughts on “Cold Brew Coffee, An Easy System”

  1. Thanks. I passed this on to my wife who loves cold brewed Starbucks. She finally switched from stopping and getting a glass every morning, to buying the bottled stuff at the store this past year. It’s saved us quite a bit of money. But it’s still kinda spendy and I wouldn’t mind saving a little more money.

  2. Sounds delicious!

    Good to hear that someone who’s serious about her coffee recommends Peet’s—I just happened to buy some for the first time yesterday (for normal hot brew, not cold brew—maybe someday!), and wondered whether it’s any good or what others think. (I had some this morning and I think it’s good, but what do I know? Anyway…)

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