Proving The Court’s Point:

It’s buried right at the end of a rather biased article (the USCCB didn’t say anything; a committee chairman did) but this really jumped out at me:

Teachers’ unions could be “permanently crippled” by the decision, the journal Education Next reported, though the decision could provide an impetus for other changes.

A loss in teachers’ unions membership could result in a decline in revenues and ability to affect policy. The National Education Association has planned a 13 percent cut for its two-year budget, totaling about $50 million, with its estimated membership losses of 300,000 people, about 10 percent.

Means that yes, they were in fact using “agency fees” to lobby for political ends, not (as legally required) only for union services.


One thought on “Proving The Court’s Point:”

  1. Well, yeah. Not a secret. I temped at the local teacher’s union office back in the 1990’s, and they were spending every minute doing election of Clinton work. They didn’t care about teaching, or standards, or protecting workers. They were all about collecting dues and sending out political fliers.

    My parents were teachers but not union members, and they did not approve of having to donate money to the campaigns of every candidate they hated. They are very happy with this decision, even though it comes too late to compensate them for years of obligatory theft from their paychecks.

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