What is so hard to grasp-

about the idea that when you have a group that folks choose every 4 years, and a group you choose every 2 years, then if folks suddenly choose a WHOLE BUNCH of the 2 year guys, the 4 year guys don’t have the same presumption of support?

The OBVIOUS assumption is, if they’re all sorted by groups, the older-but-longer-hire guys did something annoying enough that folks chose the other option.

Been watching folks melt down over the idea of voting on a judge near an “election.”

News flash, our system is fairly well designed to minimize the damage that can be done by the longer-term guys via making it so short-term guys can stop or oppose changes with only a two year lag.

2 thoughts on “What is so hard to grasp-”

  1. When you think about it, you realize that the whole problem with Kavanaugh was that those horrible peasants in the sticks would get to vote. If gay marriage and abortion are overturned, it just means that we get to vote on them at the state level. That’s what horrifies the left. We et to determine how our lives are run.

    1. Isn’t that pretty much what their reaction has been since Hillary failed to be elected in such a massively catastrophic manner? The reality that nope, other people have decisions and choices that do not agree with their approved ways of thinking, behaving, deciding…

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