CNN Willing To Target Troops In War Zone

for abuse of rules.

Because some of them brought MAGA hats for Trump to sign. On Christmas.

Which CNN wants to declare to be political activity in uniform.

Junk like this is why we haven’t had even a pro-life bumper sticker on any of our vehicles in over a decade, even when those on the left had cars that looked like rolling campaign ads. Because they will abuse the rules to get you, and being right doesn’t do you any good if you’re fired.

(The troops are probably safe because there’s no photo of any of them wearing the hats.)

21 thoughts on “CNN Willing To Target Troops In War Zone”

  1. Things like these are why I can’t help but wonder, why application of “do onto others as they do to you” is considered bad by them.

    I mean, I understand why we don’t. What they do is evil, malicious, and life-destroying. But honestly, when things have been turned against the media, or the Left (but I repeat myself) what’s been discovered has been literal orders of magnitude worse than what they’ve accused others of doing. (Off the top of my head example, how many anti-Gamergate Male Feminists have been found of being sexual harassers, stalkers, rapists or outright pedophiles? A lot, apparently…)

    1. I do have a better understanding of why Jesus suggested turning the other cheek. To descend to their level stains your own soul. We still need to oppose them and remove them from the playing field for as long as possible. We just have to do it in a fashion that allows us to be better than they are.

  2. By the way, I still have a TRUMP sticker on the bumper of my truck. I also have NRA Life Member stickers in the windows; so maybe that’s why the truck hasn’t been trashed yet.

  3. Go for it!

    Ok per request, my theory on projection.

    Premise 1.
    People are sinners. While there are probably some things that do not tempt an individual, this will be fewer than the sins that are tempting. So on average we’ll assume most wrong things people will want to do them.

    Premise 2.
    People are naturally tribal – meaning they will congregate into groups.

    (the following rests on those two premises)

    So what I’ve noticed is that a person will find a group they do not like. Most often, the opposing political party. Since people are sinners, the person will probably find some in that group doing something wrong – maybe even a significant number.

    What then happens is that the person in question will then associate the group, with that particular sin. Now let us grant for a moment that perhaps they are right and something about the group’s philosophy inclines its members to the sin in question. What seems to happen is that the person will begin flipping the formula in their head:
    If group 1 = sin X, then sin X = group 1. Conversely, if !group 1 then !sin X.

    To put it in plain english: if members of this group always have this sin, then anybody with this sin must be a member of that group and anybody who is not a member of that group doesn’t have that sin.

    Of course that’s the logical fallacy of confusing a subset for the whole group. Now then, since the person in question will trend towards doing sin X, any time they self-reflect or get social feedback pointing out this fact, they will counter it internally by stressing they do not belong to group 1. This cover gives them a ready excuse to then indulge the sin, which they will do more and more because they can obscure the results using group membership. This then gives the appearance of projection because the person never has to acknowledge their guilt and so can indulge their sin.

    Concrete example:
    Conservatives are racist.
    I am not a conservative.
    Therefore I can’t be racist.
    (Kill all white people.)

    See how it works? And the harder anybody tries to point out “you’re being [whatever]” the more the person will deflect by pointing out how much they are not a part of the group. Yes, I have seen this on both sides, just about everywhere.

    Indeed what has made me suspect this theory is that the more tribal someone is, the worst the projection seems to get. Probably because the more tribal one is, the more they want to distinguish between their tribe and the other tribe. Thus: “that sin belongs to those guys over there, we don’t have that sin on our side.” Then the realization that no, both sides can have this problem, means lessening the distinctions between the tribes (and also realizing how awful you are as a person – so we’re looking at double incentives against this realization).

    At least, that’s my growing theory. I’ll be interested in conflicting or confirming data on this.

    1. Biggest problem I see is that it’s built on folks identifying members of the other group doing !Thing, when in practice the accusation is generally left field.

      Maybe it’s “we’re good people, and even some of us do this, so they must do it A LOT because they’re bad”?

      1. How the conclusions are reached are a different factor that may also break down to an issue by issue case.

        Maybe it’s “we’re good people, and even some of us do this, so they must do it A LOT because they’re bad”?

        I wondered about that too, the thing is, I just cannot ever find it. If it’s ever identified on the side there’s usually an effort to read the person doing that out of the group ASAP. “Not real communism” you know? In just all my observations I just never see any self awareness to that point. Just spend some time viewing Mark Shea’s combox or facebook for a week, I’ve yet to see any example of this coming close. I’ve seen “purity spiral” brought up a few times which also makes me think this isn’t exactly the case here.

    1. Hmm…. maybe. Though I remember those long enough after him it might be arguable that was when the tribe shifted and they were reading him out. Could be. Will need to investigate more.

      Males in feminism is…interesting as a case study.

      1. I doubt that they could expel Bill Clinton without expelling the Glorious Hillary. :twisted:

        Of course, do they want to keep Hillary now. :twisted: :twisted:

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