Quick List for Linking-

-because over at Sarah’s someone mentioned political violence, and I’m trying to keep a list of left-wing violence based on the target’s politics, and I don’t want to trigger a filter.

Black-clad antifa members attack peaceful right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley

Cory Gardner’s Family Members Doxxed, Wife Sent Graphic Video Of Beheading

Two GOP Candidates Assaulted in Minnesota

Vandals hit NYC GOP headquarters: ‘Attack is merely a beginning’

Arson at GOP office in Wyoming

‘Stop Hurting Me!’: Soros-Funded Male Democratic Operative Arrested For Assaulting Female Campaign Manager, Leaving Bruises

Eric Swalwell’s Republican Challenger Narrowly Escapes Stabbing Attempt — Suspect In Custody

BREAKING: Shots Fired At Congressional Baseball Practice, Member Hit

Woman attempts to drive GOP congressman off road over health-care vote, police say

Plus, of course, the freaking every month or so “Trump protesters attack people leaving Trump rally” news, and the physical assaults on folks wearing red hats, even when the hats don’t even say America.

“You voted Trump” yelled at man while he’s beaten in Chicago streets

Author: Foxfier

Former sailor, current geek, conservative, mother and practicing Catholic. Refugee from the Seattle blob. (No, we DIDN'T vote for those taxes!) Elf is my husband, our kids are Princess, Duchess, Baron, Empress, Chief, and Contessa.

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