Gonna Need Two Bolters

Meme-trove for Sarah’s off-handed comment on today’s post.


Heresy two boltersExterminatus1ceda4e0e3c4e668de4a8176cd448db66557bae3f74c2e627fca4be9666e0b07adepto custodesChibi HeresyEVERYTHING is heresyheard there was heresyHeresy adorableheresy catsHeresy Chaos emperorheresy cleansedheresy disappointed in you allHeresy Emperor loveHeresy end youHeresy exterminatusHeresy get in loserHeresy give inheresy god emperor trumpHeresy gonna get purgedheresy I senseheresy kids wanna buyHeresy offensive womenheresy serious hereHeresy we haveHeresy you are aHeresy you can't comprehendHeretic you are notimperial inquisition

Author: Foxfier

Former sailor, current geek, conservative, mother and practicing Catholic. Refugee from the Seattle blob. (No, we DIDN'T vote for those taxes!) Elf is my husband, our kids are Princess, Duchess, Baron, Empress, Chief, the Contessa, and the 7th Son.

19 thoughts on “Gonna Need Two Bolters”

  1. My apologies for not keeping better track of here. Been busy.

    This is nice. Lacks only perhaps a Fuklaw, maybe photoshopped with a a hammer and sickle, throwing a frothing hissy fit.

    1. Bah, I am almost never here. Trying to learn to fic, as you know.

      Just got in the habit of snagging Warhammer memes. ^>^

  2. And then of course there’s Commissar Ciaphas Cain, who tries his best to take the high-class “working girl” residence to investigate because he figures the real cultists will be in the warehouse across town instead… and is therefore right on the spot when there’s a demon-summoning.

    1. Hm, am reading off stuff to Elf and he’s (in a Thanksgiving induced blur, admittedly) going “whaaa?”
      So I remember it, he doesn’t…different angle…who knows.

  3. I am not geek enough to follow, but know that my husband totally flips out for anything Caiphas Cain as the AWESOME in Warhammer.

  4. I have no idea what this is all about. “Bolter”? Like a crossbow fires a bolt? And… heresy as per what/who?

    Ox bewildered.
    Woodford reserve rye, Noiily Prat sweet vermouth, orange bitters.. THIS ox understand. Manhattan. The drink. New York city.. ox NOT understand. Ox need native (Bronx close enough) guide there.

      1. I live with a fellow who owns TWO Mercede-Benz vehicles.
        Can they truly out-weird German engineers?

        *cussing* *More Cussing* *MOAR CUSSING* GERMAN ENGINEERS, GO FIG! *cussing*…

        1. “Here, let’s make a world were the best case option is that you die, horribly, without love (because the god of love is also a chaos god of insanity) and without being infected by chaos, probably at the hands of the good guys. Who are genocidal psychopaths. Yes, the bad guys are worse. There are living fungus orc/goblin things that are both insane idiots and impossible to stop, and those infested by chaos like the followers of the god(dess?) of pleasure who start out looking for a novelty and end up worse than the demons in Hellraiser. Oh, and chaos is infectious, you don’t have to actually CHOOSE it. It’s hilarious!”

    1. The company that did Traveller, Space 1889, and Twilight 2000 also did WH40k, which I understand was originally a miniatures combat game.

      Key criteria it had to meet was a) no one faction has to be clearly better to play b) lots of interesting model variations to keep people buying.

      Vaguely future sci fi, so there are lots of made up guns, like the bolter. I recall it fires large explosive shells, but those are a fair guess for any of the human projectile weapons.

      Anyway, English issues with the CoE, and the Catholic Church. Humans are ruled by an Emperor in a coma on life support. Said Emperor is, per some fiction, originally Jesus, and per other fiction, spent part of his life trying to destroy the religious faith of everyone. Went to space, made sons in a lab, civil war, now he might be dead, and the whole empire is a cult that worships him.

      4chan and some others got really into it, and were a key vector in propagating some of the memes.

      I think it is funny to pretend to be confused about whether the Tau (Norks), Necrons (robot zombies channeling the daleks and saberhagen’s berserkers), or the ‘uncorrupted’ humans are alleged to be the good guys.

      1. My error. I was conflating Game Designer’s Workshop with Games Workshop.

        The human factions are a result of a very slow moving civil war, with the Chaos aligned faction not being very inclined to keep humans alive. The other faction of humans includes heretics on its short list of major opponents. (Second is aliens, and I forget the third item in the quote.)

  5. I must know where that one of God Emperor Trump float came from. (I’ve been laughing at the sheer gibbering insanity in response to the joking God-Emperor meme since it came out, and this must have exploded entire universities.)

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