Changing The “Sent From” Name In Windows 10 Mail

Or, “How Foxfier got around having to constantly go to her roleplay specific mail account so the group wasn’t trying to figure out why their cleric of Ilmater, Issa Trap, was  randomly showing up with a human name.”

Because the #$@## program keeps randomly turning on and off if it will show the “send your messages using this name” thing, and there are a lot of folks who have actual business reasons to be sending mail as “Business Email Tech Support” or even just different levels of formality for different email accounts, and don’t get me started on managing multiple emails in the same household.  And yet still actually want the crazy ability to, you know, see all their email in one place so it can be checked in a glance, rather than taking forever, so I do want to use the built in windows email.

I was up…late enough to be cranky, trying to get gmail to work with the advanced setup option, after every single other solution I found on any website just told me to use the setting that is not there right now.  This all broke after google randomly decided, again, that windows 10 mail is not secure enough for their tastes.
*politely blank expression*


The way you fix it, is you add it as “other account POP/IMAP.”

Type in the stuff it asks for and add the account.  (It’s email, password, sent from name.)

Then click on the account on the left side where it’s below all your other accounts, since it’s newer.

Do any more hoops it asks for, I think mine sent me to the google verification thing like it did for a normal “clicked on gmail” addition.

It did not have me type in the information from Gmail on what ports and such to use.

Then yay!  You get your email sent from the name YOU wanted to use!

Hope this helps somebody.

Author: Foxfier

Former sailor, current geek, conservative, mother and practicing Catholic. Refugee from the Seattle blob. (No, we DIDN'T vote for those taxes!) Elf is my husband, our kids are Princess, Duchess, Baron, Empress, Chief, and Contessa.

4 thoughts on “Changing The “Sent From” Name In Windows 10 Mail”

  1. I have the gmail account as a back up. I find the Google account interface to be… really, really. Irritating. It’s the third “free*” e-mail account I’ve set up, and like the first one (Juno) the interface and the user experience was so unpleasant, I never once considered upgrading to a paid account. The 3rd one (my current) gave me a decent, if limited experience, so I decided to pay them.

    I think the combination of “people who are shiftless users” may have reached a tipping point.

    *If you’re not paying for it, you’re the product.

  2. “Issa Trap?”

    Just out of curiosity, does AccordingToHoyt deliver carp out here? :P

    1. Oh, it gets better– I got the first name by asking Bing the word for “bait” in Japanese and trying to phonics it.

    2. “Mission accepted.”

      *Gathers Dragon Balls*

      *summons Dragon*

      Dragon turns into a carp the length of the Tokyo Skytree, and starts to fall.

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