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Now in any normal situation, if he had been any other student, he would have been promptly expelled. But because of the influential position of his father, and the fact that his mother was so highly thought of, the board had a special marathon board meeting over the entire saga, at the end of which meeting he was suspended for three days, and placed on probation. He was sternly informed by the superintendent that the school was going to have “zero tolerance” for any kind of misbehavior from him at all, and if there was one more misstep, even the teeniest, he was going to be one gone cat.

Now here is wisdom. The dithering involved in all this did not mean that this student wouldn’t be expelled. That was plainly just a matter of time. It simply meant that when he was finally expelled, it would not be for the clear-cut high crimes against the moral order that he had committed, but rather for leaving his shoes deliberately untied, a manifest uniform violation. The last straw, but a small one.

And then the school would be upbraided for having lost all sense of proportion. You expelled a student over that?

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I have spent a lot of time trying to get this across to people.

Yeah, the news says they were kicked out for “just XYZ!”

As my mom, when she was teaching me to ask questions, said– yeah, and what did he do before that?  How many “one more chance”es did he spend?  How many innocents paid for the continuing “just one more chance” favors?

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18 thoughts on “Discredited Down to the Ground | Blog & Mablog”

    1. That one was at least funny– for a second I thought you were talking about a different one that I can’t remember, but it’s All Her Fault that she is… leaving him because he cheated on her, and she can’t forgive him. It’s so pretty that it took YEARS for me to blink and go “wait a minute, HE cheated, and SHE’S the one that’s destroying the relationship?!?”

      1. I don’t recall that he cheated: just out drinking all the time instead of ever being home with her.

        But it’s been a couple weeks since I listened to it.

        1. You remembered the song correctly, I just thought you were talking about a different one that is just outside of my memory and I can’t find it, and it’s not helping my already “interesting” mental health/clarity. ;)

          1. It wasn’t “Put Another Log On The Fire,” wherein the singer’s grossly oblivious and selfish response to his wife’s departure was milked for comic effect the whole way through, maybe?

        1. There’s something about “don’t let our good love go to waste” and it is a really very pretty song, 80s to early 90s…and it’s driving me bonkers. :D

      2. I put it to my husband, and he asked me to ask if it’s a man or a woman singing — I’d been assuming a man unfairly blaming his wife, but he raised the possibility of it being a woman grieving the situation and unfairly blaming herself.

        To check other possibly unwarranted assumptions — Country(ish) or no? Relatively slow/soft (not as lively as the actual “One More Last Chance”) or is that not included in “pretty”?

        (He says now it’s going to drive him nuts, too. Oopsie?)

        1. Singer is male, no mention of if it’s wife or girl, it’s got the country clever stuff in how the music just….flows. The over-all effect is kind of like He Ain’t Worth Missing or Wish I didn’t know now. Slower than Wish, though.

          Dang it, I can SEE the place I was when I last heard it, but the only lyrics that come to mind are from “that ain’t no way to go,” which is totally not it.

          The guy is singing, to the gal, about how he made a mistake so it’s all on her to forgive him because they’ve got such a great thing going here and she needs to not throw it away.

        2. I GOT IT!!!!

          Randy Travis, “Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart.”

          Since the day I was led to temptation
          And in weakness did let your love down
          I have prayed that with time and compassion
          You’d come around

          I keep waiting for you to forgive me
          And you keep saying you can’t even start
          And I feel like a stone you have picked up and thrown
          To the hard rock bottom of your heart
          To the hard rock bottom of your heart

          1. Oh!

            OK, I was definitely imagining the wrong sound. I do enjoy that one but you’re right about the lyrics.

            Thanks for clearing it up!

            1. Tell your husband that *my* husband did a couple of blinks, and then said “THAT is the song you were talking about?”

              It took me years to realize that the guy is… just waiting for her to forgive him. But she’s the one that’s hard hearted, and the relationship is solid but HE CHEATED ON HER….

              (Although doing the same gaming out of the song story, the song is a sort of “oh my gosh I am unspeakably sorry and will never do it again.”)

              1. I don’t know about you, but in my case I think it didn’t help that when I first formed an impression of the song, I was young/naive enough that I probably didn’t actually realize what he’d done. (I’ve gotten more experienced/clued in/dirty-minded since, but… uh, I once heard “she’s a big teaser/she took me half the way there” and asked my mother half the way where.)

                Brain has now wandered off for compare/contrast on various cheating songs so I’m going to ramble at you….

                “Working My Way Back to You Babe,” where the guy was evidently pretty awful for an extended period rather than once — not much thinking or even pretending things were solid, there — but while there’s one bit about “but you’re too proud/you won’t give in” spends a lot more time on “I really screwed up and I’ve got a lot to do to make up for it.” Though I suppose one could interpret that as “hassle you until you agree” instead of “make up for it.” I do kind of appreciate “I used to love to make you cry/it made me feel like a man inside/but if I’d been a man in reality/you’d still be here babe lovin’ me” as a comprehensive recognition of just how badly he screwed up, but I also can’t exactly blame her if she just doesn’t want any more to do with him.

                ….”That’s What You Do When You’re in Love” (Forester Sisters) bears a rather inverted relationship to “Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart” in some respects. It’s disturbing in being presented as a general expectation or prescription, but it’s got the guy confessing he cheated on her and saying he won’t be home because he doesn’t expect forgiveness, and she as the wronged party decides the rest of their life together is worth letting that go.

                I’m honestly not sure what’s going on in Suzy Bogguss’s “Aces,” but it always leaves me feeling sort of frantically guilty over the times I don’t muster the energy to prioritize things optimally. I don’t think it’s a cheating song, but I think it jumped to mind (1) because it’s pretty and sad and (2) because she knew there were conflicts but not that he was hurting badly enough to leave, so even though she’s not mostly being blamey at him there’s still the association of the person at fault apparently not taking things as seriously as they deserved.

                1. Reading the lyrics, I’d class Aces as a not actually cheating physically but definitely not emotionally chaste– like a prequel of “That’s what you do when you’re in love” that cuts off before one of them cheats.

                  Just realized the thread that I see going through– it’s neglect of your other half.

                2. Forgot to comment on this part:

                  I don’t know about you, but in my case I think it didn’t help that when I first formed an impression of the song, I was young/naive enough that I probably didn’t actually realize what he’d done

                  In my case, the specifics of what he’d done didn’t matter. I really, really, really don’t like trusting people, because I don’t take betrayal very well.
                  To give someone a vulnerability, that they know is a vulnerability, they act like they’ll protect it– and then they attack it?
                  Yeah, I can see walling them out of your life for that.
                  The “it’s not a big deal” type reactions to that are what helped me figure out that the song’s actual lyrics are in the “why won’t you stand here to get hit again” zone.

                  Given the singer’s other songs, head-cannon is that he HAS done stuff to make up for it, but didn’t talk about it…which is largely because dang his voice is pretty.

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