Covid-19 and the Limits of Obedience – Crisis Magazine

In his Pocket Catholic Dictionary, Father John Hardon defines obedience as “[t]he moral virtue that inclines the will to comply with the will of another who has the right to command.” It is that last part of the definition—“who has the right to command”—which is often forgotten or misunderstood. There are two components that give someone the right to command: the “who” commanding and the “what” being commanded.

First, the “who.” Is the person in a position of authority? If a stranger were to walk up to you and command you to mow his grass, you would have no obligation to obey that command, even if that stranger were the Commander of the Army (assuming you’re not in the Army, of course). A person must be given authority over you, either by another authority or voluntarily by you, in order to demand your obedience.

via Covid-19 and the Limits of Obedience – Crisis Magazine

Well, that is timely– and not in relation to the kung flu, either.

Over at Crossover Queen’s Creative Chaos she made a similar point, with “boundary violations.”

More words to try to put a finger on what, exactly, is wrong with what someone is doing.

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3 thoughts on “Covid-19 and the Limits of Obedience – Crisis Magazine”

    1. *grin* You know, that was my first reaction, too?

      Not that they didn’t still do it fairly recently– just usually had other signs of rot in Good Order to get to that point. I know they had stuff like that when my dad was in.

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