Reblog: The C And The Filament Proclaim His Glory!

Monday, April 19, 2021
The C And The Filament Proclaim His Glory!
… where C is the speed of light.

It’s short and worth reading, so I’ll just quote that I adore this bit:

The Big Dude: Yo, Edison! Check this out. Current going through a resistive wire can make it glow.

Thomas Edison: Whoa! That’s cool! How does it work?

TBD: You go figure it out. I gave you a world that consistently responds to experimentation, so it’s all waiting for you to find.

Edison: Awesome! To the lab, men! There are divine Easter eggs to discover all around us!

Divine Easter eggs. Yes, exactly!

Author: Foxfier

Former sailor, current geek, conservative, mother and practicing Catholic. Refugee from the Seattle blob. (No, we DIDN'T vote for those taxes!) Elf is my husband, our kids are Princess, Duchess, Baron, Empress, Chief, and Contessa.

5 thoughts on “Reblog: The C And The Filament Proclaim His Glory!”

  1. Yes! This is why even when I write magic into a setting, I do my best to make it consistent magic. Because the idea that the world has predictable physical laws we can find is awesome

  2. Do you think we can make better spark gap transmitters/signal generators with modern materials and processes?

    I’m afraid that is the least boring question I have about physical phenomena.

    1. At the very end of the spark era there were some methods that produced if not perfect sine waves, something far better than the damped waves of plain spark. But as is oft the case, just as something is perfected or about to be perfected, something amazingly better (even if itself woefully far from being perfected) comes along and replaces it. Lather, Rinse, Repeat….

      1. In my thinking, better is in terms of power, not narrowing the bandwidth. The greater frequency content was the point I was thinking towards.

        It strikes me that there could be a niche for cheap, high power jamming equipment. Of course, the problem with that thought is that you need operators, and training those may be more of the rate limiting factor.

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