Stray Thoughts: American Ronin, Part 1

One of the key things to remember if you’re trying to understand America, is that we were to a large extent populated by people who looked at where they were in Europe – or Asia, or Africa, or what have you – and said Screw This I’m Outta Here.

Church of England? Too secular. Thirty Years’ War? You’ve raided over our farms for grain and livestock three times in as many years, we’ve had it. Jacobite Rebellion? A murrain seize ye all, Scots an’ Sassenach alike. Irish Potato Famine? Mary bless us, we’ll risk the coffin ships. Sicilian Mafia and vendetta? Ciao, baby.

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One of the key things to remember if you’re trying to understand America, is that we were to a large extent populated by people who looked at where they were in Europe – or Asia, or Africa, or what have you – and said Screw This I’m Outta Here.

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Author: Foxfier

Former sailor, current geek, conservative, mother and practicing Catholic. Refugee from the Seattle blob. (No, we DIDN'T vote for those taxes!) Elf is my husband, our kids are Princess, Duchess, Baron, Empress, Chief, and Contessa.

14 thoughts on “Stray Thoughts: American Ronin, Part 1”

      1. May have gotten a little excited.

        Might be a lot of stress going around.

  1. Me too – was interested in part II, then rad the thread.
    Hmm. Lots of vague notions about “Russia” (it’s but one country among former 15 republics the size of 5 American states each…). Even vaguer about the life and “unarmed rebellion of the populace against the State in the former SU.
    And as much as I share the sentiment and adherence to US Constitution, the time for informed (or mis-, if the case of the opponent might be) dispute and discussion with the Left usurpers of same – is over and passed.
    To know it, one can just read what’s figuratively printed in everyday news.
    Like this morning’s item in my local NYPost:
    See video link there, if it’s still accessible at the time.

    1. I’m not seeing the ‘vagueness’ for Russia– it’s not in intense detail, but there’s a LOT there– and I do not agree in the least that the time for dispute and discussion is passed.

      Even if some guys calling themselves “Rise of the Moors” were arrested in what looks like a real PTSD trigger event….

    2. As you chose to take the opportunity to support your claim of vagueness by instead attempting an appeal to authority followed by what is, in fact, a vague allusion (with outraged interpretation) rather than direct quotes and counter-arguments, and you have not done anything to earn good will in the meantime– you are disinvited from commenting here.

      It appears you are upset by a mere skimming of Satoyama’s admitted quite long comments on an entirely different site; I am not going to do the “let’s you and him fight” nonsense, especially not on behalf of someone who takes the opportunity to explain to instead lecture and vaguely characterize an unstated person or persons’ arguments, and do so in such a manner that I still cannot see the actual statements that you’re upset by.

      Both of the linked blogs are open to commenters, even those who do not agree, but if you do the same there that you just did here, you are unlikely to feel welcomed.

    3. This was a guy writing a fanfic with Hitler and Stalin as characters. Explicitly.

      And I think mentioning Beria.

      In English.

      He deeply misunderstood how those readers who were American might read the thing.

      Apparently a life long resident of Moscow.

  2. You might not be seeing anything vague, because you’re less qualified to judge on this subject than I – as I’ve lived in f. SU for more than half of my life (and ran from there as soon as I could). The guy only hints and winks, and doesn’t say direct and clear what does he mean; what exactly in his conversation with “a Russian” all those years ago made him think there might be no common ground? I see – no, I know – the opposite. He just paints population of the 1/6 of Earth as total leftists, w/o any gradation or distinction, and doesn’t understand historical processes at all.
    SU has been a world laboratory for ideology for the whole of last century. A common sense dictates to look closely to this experience and to see parallels and differences with what’s happening now in the US, and take it as a warning. Listen to what we lived thru, to histories of our families and use this record to avoid the underwater rocks. Instead, the he (and generally others on the Right) re-invent the wheel – ineptly, too – and do not head the warning and analysis of people who’d lived thru the nightmare already. I and hundreds thousands like me live like in a dejavu, and we are not only heard, we are painted with the same brush as our persecutors.

    Yes, the common ground exist. People who got fed up with leftist rule and left SU for US had American values as guiding principles.

    As to the discussion still on the table: In the thread at your link – over 70 comments at the last time I looked – I didn’t see a dispute with the Left opponents anyway – only preaching to the choir – and rightly so. We are different species of humans. We have totally different mentality, logic, sense of responsibility, decency after all.

    1. Former Russians who have chosen to assimilate to American culture are not current subjects of Russia.

      You’ve got the fractions wrong. I dislike everybody.

      I dislike Canada and Germany, likewise for reasons of culture and how they permit those nations to be run. ‘Maybe we ought to exterminate the Canadians as a security precaution’ is not a mainstream position in US foreign policy.

      If Americans are around 333 million, and world population is 7 or 8 billion, then the fraction I dislike would be 20/21 or 23/24. I think most living humans are barbarians, and that the correct attitude towards these populations is that if they cause trouble, they should be killed until they learn to behave themselves.

      Left religion is simply one of the flavors of religions that are evil religions, and incapable of participating in a decent civilization.

  3. And what right perspective am I talking about? Not just I, mind.
    What is happening in America now is like 1920s: the American woke are the version of the enthusiastic [mostly young] communist masses. They are sold an utopia, they are convinced, determined and have no moral breaks. We were raised at the times 70 yrs later – when naive and deadly enthusiasm was replaced by universal cynicism and mistrust. The government was not as tyrannical and murderous like 1920 to 1950s, not stomping the dissidents to the ground like in the 70s, but we know all the signs of the beast: it can revert back at any time.

    And people here see no immediate danger! It boggles the mind.

    1. Oh, there is very definitely a great deal of danger.

      The young cohort causing problems in America now are barbarians. Likewise the senior leadership figures in politics who have been providing them cover.

      Both groups of communists are incapable of living in peace with anyone, and we will have war so long as they are here.

      It probably will not be a victory for the communists.

      You are correct to note the people who escaped communism and came to the United States. They have given Americans in general the knowledge of exactly what might happen to us if we do not fight. This is one reason I am confident.

      The second reason I am confident is basically US history in various locations during the nineteenth century. There were a bunch of little wars, and attempts at wars, that are not really covered in the mainstream historical records. The question about those wars is, “why does that behavior appear to have stopped?” My confidence is a result of betting that one particular answer is true.

      Okay, none of the information that can perfectly predict success or failure is really knowable. There is nothing I can plot on a chart, or calculate from an equation.

      If we are lucky enough to survive, the exact factors involved may be obvious in hindsight.

    2. After seeing how bad the situation caused by the communists born in America really is, I’ve actually lost a lot of anger against Mexico, etc.

      If Nancy Pelosi, etc., had not been ruining things for thirty years, or more, maybe less cartel violence etc., would have spilled over into the American southwest.

      Fundamentally, the barbarians inside the US are a more pressing danger than the barbarians outside of the US.

      And I have a lot of grudges against the governments of most countries over treaties like the Montreal Accords. So, I get really angry at countries over stuff that does not bother most people.

  4. There is one more thing I ought to clarify explicitly.

    I actually try to behave nicely at Cross Over Queen’s blog. She does fiction on there, and has readers and commentators from all over the place. To include random anime fans who are vaguely left, and Thiemo (sp?) who apparently lives in Germany. That was me making an effort to be polite.

    Also, if Thiemo manages to convince me that modern Germans should be exterminated, it is kind of pointless to say so to him there. I’m not sure Thiemo reads very well. I think it may be very easy for him to dismiss such statements as ‘another American being loud’. And frankly, if I talk about it, instead of doing something to make it practical, it is a waste of words.

    There are other places I comment, where I am much freer in stating my political opinions, and more explicit in saying what I think is going on. Largely, because I feel bound by a different standard of politeness in those places.

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