Portents & Omens

Somebody needs to be criminally charged, that is far over the dollar value for a serious crime, before the fraud, waste, and abuse of public property comes into play.

On a more serious note: Clarissa reports that upon her return to campus, she discovered that her college library had disposed of 80% of their humanities books over the summer – without asking or informing the faculty, not even a department chair such as Clarissa. Didn’t sell them, didn’t give the faculty and students a chance to pick through them, didn’t give them away – destroyed them.

Yard Sale of the Mind

We’ll start with the more traditional:

Tonight, the full moon rising over Concord, CA, was large and red: (Phone camera does not do it justice.)

The state is on fire, I hear, which not only makes the moon look red, but is a portent in itself.

Next, and this is a weird one: a possum became roadkill a block up our street. Nothing out of the ordinary in that – except a full on 6′ wingspan freakin’ vulture was pecking at it this afternoon. On a residential street in the middle of California suburbia. Never seen that before.

Blood moons, infernos, vultures. All end-timey and everything.

On a more serious note: Clarissa reports that upon her return to campus, she discovered that her college library had disposed of 80% of their humanities books over the summer – without asking or informing the faculty, not even a department chair such as…

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Author: Foxfier

Former sailor, current geek, conservative, mother and practicing Catholic. Refugee from the Seattle blob. (No, we DIDN'T vote for those taxes!) Elf is my husband, our kids are Princess, Duchess, Baron, Empress, Chief, and Contessa.

13 thoughts on “Portents & Omens”

  1. Some years ago I went to take a Charlotte MacLeod book out of the local library to read again, only to find they were gone. All of them. And the Cherryh books, and the Nortons, and….

    When I asked the librarian, she said the county library system had gone from owning their own books to renting them from a company.

    A library. Renting books, instead of keeping sources on hand.

    I never found out what happened to the old books. I would have wanted so many of them. So many.

      1. Grrr. Indeed.

        If you can’t depend on libraries to hold onto important information and good books, you have to get them all yourself or do without. Meaning our culture fractures further because you can’t read books in common unless you pay for them.

        Every good institution, progressives want to destroy.

  2. Unfortunately, I know a couple of college libraries that throw out their books. Not selling them, donating them to a different library, or donating them to Goodwill. Just throwing them out in the dumpsters on campus. It has been going on for several years. I’m actually surprised anyone at the campus in the article made a comment about it.

  3. We have a problem with OPI/OSI books and patrons who drop books into the bathtub or use raw bacon for bookmarks.

    I swear on my towel I am ordering Norton, Cherryh, Francis et al. ***when I can get them***

    No excuses for Miss Clarissa’s dewberries.

  4. I’m weeping.

    You know I’ve had some difficult times.

    From the age of around ten, a university library had been a significant part of my life.

    Part of my education was homeschool, and a bunch of families got together and hired an english teacher. Was quite a necessary experience for me. One of the projects gave a choice, and Gatsby was by far the least offensive. I still hated Gatsby, wanted much of the cast dead, etc. I talked the instructor into letting me do a research paper on Prohibition instead of writing a report on Gatsby. Many of my sources were from that library, and at least one other had been purchased surplus from the library. (I have some others from that university’s libraries.) That paper’s research, and maybe some later follow up research in that university library, was the basis for my hetrodox views on Prohibition’s history. To my recollection, I haven’t preserved the list of sources, and I haven’t gone back into that library searching to recreate the list/s. I have learned so much about reliability and bias in sources since being a kid, and I am better equipped to figure out if I was simply being gullible and reading my own biases into things.

    Providing the specifics would be a bit too much revelation of personal details, but in recent years that university has been run by some very vile people.

    There have been closures of some of the university libraries, those collections are no longer accessible by browsers off the street. I am no longer hearing about sales or giveaways from the collections.

    I’m kind of afraid to find out more.

    I’m just a little heartbroken.

    Torn between “Objectively, it is more ruin, when I have already knew that so much of the value of universities has been ruined.”, with knowing how precious those places were to my heart, and also with Rorschach’s monologue starting “War is coming. Millions will perish in sickness and misery…”

    It is certainly true that “Evil must be punished”. It is definitely not necessarily true that I am the one to carry out the punishment.

    But, a lot of people are hurting now, a lot of people are angry, and wondering how to achieve justice. So, perhaps I am not alone in this outrage, and perhaps humans will carry out earthly justice for these crimes.

    It is plausible that lawyers and judges have in recent decades conspired to improperly and unlawfully limit the use of capital punishment. Thus, it is proper for us to seek out remedies based in earlier case law. However, the people who have so misused their stewardship of the universities did not do so in a way that obviously fits the elements of those common law capital felonies that I recall.

    However, Democrat election shenanigans have apparently be defrauding the American people for years. Furthermore, elements of Democrat domestic policy and of Democrat foreign policy betray an awareness of being at war with Americans, and aligned with hostile foreign powers. Definitely, the people doing these things at universities are not innocent of the knowledge of their isolation from Americans and alignment with Democrats. Aide and comfort.

      1. Doing a little better.

        Maybe a lot better.

        Since, I just had a long talk with a relative.

        I think the events may have healing.

        I’d been stressed about a couple of minor life changes, originally upcoming. I’m now into the second, and it hasn’t been as bad as expected. When I came here, I’d finally finished some of the early difficulties involved, which had seemed a bit overwhelming and intractable. So, relief from that, a cry over this, and a talk about some issues.

        Then I came back to the internet, and spent some time raving at a humanities major who was worried about the Tesla bot taking all the jobs. (tl;dr of it was humans are smart, so robot engineers can’t be enough smarter to make robots that do everything that humans can do. With a side order of ‘AI techniques are limited’, and a small ‘have you looked at what these large teams are delivering on complex software projects’.) I mean, it seems a reasonable concern the first time you look at it, I have just managed to develop a deep passion for limits of AI, robots, and programming. I am not a good programmer, so perhaps there is something I have overlooked that would make it viable some how.

        I’ve taken some time off, so I’m hoping to get a bit less weepy and overwrought.

        1. It feels reasonable because it hits in the gut-area– same way as the Imposter syndrome. :D

          I don’t mind you BEING weepy and over-wrought, so much as I mind you being it and NOT WANTING TO BE.
          Irish, remember, ‘weepy and over-wrought’ is stress relief and once you do it for about ten minutes you’re better. *only half joking*

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