A very unfortunate Covid-policy casualty


For 50 years, the University Unitarian Church in Seattle put on a Handel’s Messiah Sing-along, Play-along on the day after Christmas. Yes, that’s 50 years! They packed the sanctuary to the rafters with singers and orchestra, and anyone could come and sing or play, just for the price of a ticket. The Messiah was a big fundraiser for the Lefty church’s music department. The church ladies made cookies and punch, to refresh the singers and players between parts, and after three solid hours everyone was happily exhausted. Both singers and players would come back year after year; we in the orchestra marveled at how well the pickup choir did on all the arias, recitatives, and choruses — sometimes we’d forget to play while listening to the singers!

In 2020, the Messiah was canceled, as indoor gatherings were prohibited. For the first time in 50 years, the Church regretfully cancelled the…

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Author: Foxfier

Former sailor, current geek, conservative, mother and practicing Catholic. Refugee from the Seattle blob. (No, we DIDN'T vote for those taxes!) Elf is my husband, our kids are Princess, Duchess, Baron, Empress, Chief, the Contessa, and the 7th Son.

5 thoughts on “A very unfortunate Covid-policy casualty”

  1. I’m basically inclined to rave at length about the caprice and other qualities of these ‘safety’ measures. Far greater length than is emotionally good for me.

    Okay, Unitarians and Seattle, so maybe the specific example is not /that/ much harm in my eyes.

    The basic issue here is that no one has the information to fully judge importance, even if we first wave our hands and assume an unbiased human decision maker.

  2. And how many people have died who were FULLY VACCINATED? And why is a church that doesn’t even believe the God of the Bible performing the Messiah? How oxymoronic is that?

    1. Eh, on the last one, I take a page from the Boss– when His boys came back saying that there were men casting out demons in His name, who they did not know, He told them to let the guys do good work.

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